Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dare # 3 - DUYS (Dress Up Your Staff)

Here is Anastasia's last Dare in her own words:

I Dare You All to Dress Up Your Staff. Dress up your humans in the most ridiculous, silly, weird, comical, insane, funny, humiliating, splendid, outrageous outfit you can imagine, post their picture on your blog and put your name and the link to the post in the Mr. Linky box below.”

And please, Dare your
nomss friend and if you don’t have one, make one!

Finally you can get revenge: Let your humans experience what it feels like to be dressed up for public display!!!

As an added incentive I, Karl, decided to give a Value T-shirt of your choice from the vevivi store to the viewer's favorite!
Everybody can vote on their favorite picture next Friday and Saturday (November 9 and 10). One vote per animal. Our picture is not eligible for voting.

I put the Dare up today, on the Day of the Dead, in the hope that Anastasia's sporit might come and dare you herself! Questions? Help? Email us!

P.S. : HERE are the results! And unfortunately by re-posting this we lost the comments from the original post here.... It was the maid's fault!