Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dare # 2 - The nomss Friend

I dare you all to make a not-of-my-species-special-friend (nomss friend).

Go out, find someone who is not of your own species and make friends.
Introduce yourself and tell them why you chose them (color of their fur, feathers, scales, skin, layout and/or content of their Blog, their name, whatever it was that grabbed your attention - and no, Daisy I don't think the Sea Monkeys would count....)
Ask if they want to be your nomss friend and post about them on your Blog. Beans can of course play too!
Put the link to that post in the Mr. Linky Box at the end.
We will keep this post up for several days because I realize that this is a somewhat different challenge! It requires real effort. And time. And courage to go and talk to strangers and ask them to be friends. But I think that this is something we all need to do more these days!

You can pick up your IDYA buttons here in the sidebar, they are designed so that you can put your new friend’s picture in it and is meant to be put in your sidebar with a permanent link to their blog. There are also some buttons you can give to your new friends.
We promised: no photoshop! So whoever does not have the software or skills to put their friend’s picture in the button – email us and we do it for you!

I do hope that each and every one of you accepts this challenge so we can make the blogosphere an even better and bigger community and show everybody how we cross borders and have no patience for prejudices, racism and intolerance towards others!

If you don’t know where to start looking: there are a number of links to other animal and human Bloggers at the bottom of our sidebar. There is also the animal internet. Good luck!

And remember: don’t just put your nomss friend’s picture on your Blog but treat them as true friends. Visit often, respect and support them, help them when they need it and most important: learn from how they are different from you and find your common features!